Have you ever wanted to attend the draw of a final tournament? Now, you have a chance to do it!

The Final Draw of the UEFA Under 21 Championship will be held on 18 October, 7 PM, at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest.

On the last two editions of the Final Tournament, Romania’s U21 National Team won everyone’s respect by playing as equals with the most powerful opponents.

In 2019, in Italy, the team coached by Mirel Radoi made it to the semifinals, while in 2021, the squad managed by Adi Mutu was very close to qualification from a hellish group in which it remained undefeated by Germany and the Netherlands and beat the host country, Hungary.

Those achievements put Romania’s national team in the second draw pot, as the 16 national teams are assigned to four pots based on rankings.

POT 1: Spain, Portugal, Germany, France

POT 2: England, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania

POT 3: Croatia, Switzerland, Belgium, the Czech Republic

POT 4: Ukraine, Norway, Israel, Georgia

In other words, the 2 groups hosted by Bucharest and Cluj will bring together, apart from Romania, three of the most powerful national teams in Europe!

The fans who register on the tournament’s website from 3 October to 18 October (until 5:00 PM), that is, until the draw of the Final Tournament, can buy tickets in advance, having the opportunity to get the best seats for the greatest games at a price of maximum 45 RON/ticket!

Moreover, those who register until and including 12 October will have a chance to be among the 11 fans to attend the draw of the Final Tournament at the Romanian Athenaeum!

The 11 lucky fans will be chosen by a draw to be held on 13 October.

Register now!