280 volunteers will be selected to form the team that will contribute to the success of a new major football event in Romania.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, was the last day on which those interested in the UEFA Under 21 Championship Georgia-Romania 2023 volunteer program could still apply to join the volunteer team that will be involved in organizing the final tournament in Romania.

In the two months that the applications were open, the program sparked great interest: the 1256 applications far exceeded the 280 positions available in the 4 stadiums in Romania. Of the total number of applications, 66% were for positions in Bucharest, and the remaining 34% for Cluj-Napoca.

The UEFA Under 21 Volunteer Program will be an unforgettable experience for all selected volunteers, bringing together people of all ages, from all over the world. Regardless of the stadium they will be working on, all volunteers will have the chance to enrich their personal and professional experience by contributing to the success of a major sporting event.

The applicants come from 69 countries, the youngest will turn 18 at the end of May, and the most experienced is 72 years old. Also, 30% of applicants are female.

Volunteers will be an integral part of the organization of the UEFA Under 21 Championship and the volunteer programs will be implemented by the local organizing structures (LOS) in the two countries. The volunteer management team within this structure will be responsible for recruiting, training and managing volunteers during the event.

Now that the applications are closed, the LTV (Long Term Volunteers) team has already started reviewing the applications to ensure that the most suitable candidates will be selected in the next stage. Recruitment will continue with the interview stage, where applicants will participate in a 30-minute video conference. During this call, they have the chance to talk about their motivations and expectations towards the volunteering program. Applicants who pass this stage will receive a proposal from the Volunteer Management team to join a role in one of the 10 departments.

The next stages for the UEFA Under 21 Championship Georgia-Romania 2023 Volunteer Program:

  • End of March – start of interviews with selected applicants;
  • April – interviews and announcement of selected candidates;
  • May – accepting volunteer roles by applicants and activating volunteers;
  • Early June – kick-off events;
  • Half of June – the start of the operational period for volunteers.

“We were pleasantly impressed by the number and diversity of applications received. Our LTV (Long Term Volunteers) team has already invested considerable effort in promoting and evaluating applications, but we are eager to get to know future volunteers beyond the applications through online interviews. We are impressed by the stories and experiences we have found so far in the applications and we are convinced that the summer tournament will write a beautiful new page in the story of each of those selected” – Andrei Angelescu, Volunteer Program Manager EURO U21