The Romanian Football Federation signed a partnership with Sportradar Integrity Services for the remainder of the season and another two full seasons whose main objective is to monitor betting activity for 3rd division matches.

Under the terms of the agreement, FRF will benefit from the use of Sportradar’s Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS), an advanced and proven bet monitoring system.

The purpose of this partnership is to analyse League 3 betting activities and to protect the integrity of the competition.

„Through our partner’s monitoring capacity, Sportradar – renowned for its important role in protecting the integrity of sport competitions, we want to have a better overview of the betting activity in League 3. We will also be able to identify much easier attempts of match-fixing and we will be able to act accordingly in order to protect our competition” – Razvan Burleanu, President of the Romanian Football Federation.

The sports data and analytics company’s international team of integrity experts analyse irregular betting patterns, identified through ‘sophisticated mathematical models and machine learning algorithms’, and any suspicious matches are reported to partners in order to provide visibility into worldwide match-fixing.

Sportradar Integrity Services Managing Director Andreas Krannich added: „We have a long and proven history of supporting governing bodies to monitor global betting markets for irregular and suspicious patterns, and we will use our expertise to help protect the FRF’s domestic football competition against integrity related threats. In recent years, Sportradar has witnessed growing integrity issues across global football at lower levels of competition, so it is vital that lower tiers of competition are afforded the same level of protection as those at the top. We commend the FRF for their commitment to upholding the integrity of football within their competitions and we look forward to assisting their integrity programme over the years ahead.”

Sportradar Integrity Services is a global supplier of sports integrity solutions and a division of Sportradar (NASDAQ: SRAD), a leading global sports technology company creating immersive experiences for sports fans and bettors.