On May 29, the Romanian Football Federation obtained the ISO14001 environmental management certificate from the SRAC and IQNET certification bodies.

FRF is the first national sports federation to hold this certificate and, along with the Portuguese Football Federation, the first national football associations affiliated to UEFA.

ISO14001 complements the ISO9001 certificate for Quality Management, obtained in 2017 by FRF, and complements the institutional measures to promote good governance with sustainability policies, procedures and actions. Recently, FRF signed a protocol to promote the Sustainable Development Goals with the Department for Sustainable Development and is, from 2022, part of the UN platform, Football for the Goals. FRF manifests, through the institutional alignment with the ISO14001 standards, its leading role in the involvement of sport in society.

The certificate was obtained as a result of FRF’s participation in the Erasmus Plus GOALS project, which aimed to improve the environmental governance of sports federations, in a consortium formed together with Sant’Anna University of Pisa, the football federations of Portugal and Kosovo and ESSMA (European Stadium Managers Association).

The FRF has been one of the pioneers of environmental action in football, being involved in the Life TACKLE project, supported by UEFA, since 2017. The Romanian Football Federation has made a lasting commitment and conducts all its activities and events based on the core value of respect and the principles of sustainable development and aims to be an example to others and ensure a positive legacy for the future.

The main goal is to reduce environmental impact and continuously improve, raising awareness among sports organizations and communities, while inviting more and more actors to take part in this endeavor.