At the General Assembly of the Romanian Football Federation held on Wednesday, 17th April, the affiliated members approved the change of the Federation’s visual identity.

The Romanian Football Federation enters a new era. The mission of the new FRF brand created by Brandient is to bring together all the entities contributing to the modern transformation of Romanian football. FRF wanted to have a brand encompassing all the essential values of Romanian football:

  • Credibility and Honour
  • Performance and Development
  • Patriotism and Social Responsibility
  • Partnership and Support
  • Passion and Spectacle.

Football is more than the national team. It is everything from the joy of kids playing the ball in a remote village to the spectacular performances in the big stadiums. Since a generation of winners can’t just be pulled out of a hat, but it has to be raised and trained, and development comes from everyone’s enjoyment of the game – boys and girls playing on grass or sand or indoors – the Romanian Football Federation has created competitions and has built credibility. Football means TOGETHERNESS and the Romanian Football Federation states today that we are “BETTER TOGETHER” and we can develop the game together in Romania.

“In the past five years, the Romanian Football Federation has brought a transformation in football that can be seen in tens of new competitions, particularly for children and youth, an unprecedented rise in the number of male and female footballers after 1990, a historical development of futsal and women’s football. We are confident that both Romanian football and the Romanian Football Federation have gone through a real transformation. When I refer to the Romanian Football Federation, I mean the FRF team and all the affiliated members. The Romanian Football Federation has acquired a new identity in Romania and in relation to the other European football associations, UEFA and FIFA”, said Razvan Burleanu, President of the Romanian Football Federation.