To all those in the press and mass media who, during the last few hours and not only, have spread rumours and expressed various opinions, I clearly tell them that our national team coach Răzvan Lucescu has total and unconditioned support of RFF president.

Our national team coach has certain objectives already set,  not to mention that the qualifiers have not even started yet. But even so, if we are to assess the way he has worked so far, we would probably offer him a contract extension at this moment.

As far as my trip to Constanţa, it was nothing else but a very easy-to-understand visit meant to reward the efforts that Gheorghe Hagi and his Academy have been making in order to organize two very important and high competitive international tournaments. 

My visit was an official and public and not at all a secret one. That is why I firmly reject all well-known (by now) attempts by certain people and by the press to artificially create tension prior to mostly all national team games.

These above-mentioned attempts are doomed to fail because, just as I have mentioned before, our national team coach has my personnal and total support.

Mircea Sandu

RFF President