In an initiative of Football Social Responsibility, the teams participating in EURO U21 contributed to the joy of children to see a match in the stadium.

Several of the participating countries have donated their national team jerseys to boost ticket purchases in several promotional campaigns. For every 21 tickets sold, the Romanian Football Federation invited an underprivileged child to one of the EURO U21 matches for free. More than 1.500 children benefit from this program.

For the vast majority of them, entering a large stadium with stands is a new experience. If we also add the fact that she is attending an international match, it’s downright incredible: “It’s like I’ve come to another world!” – said one of the children invited yesterday, at the opening match of the tournament, at the Steaua Stadium.

In a spirit of solidarity with these children, the national children’s choir Cantus Mundi from Romania performed the national anthems of the donor countries. The anthems can be listened to by scanning the QR code on the jersey label.

Thanks to the football players from Georgia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Croatia, Norway, Spain and Romania!