The Romanian Football Federation launched an educational program which provides the participants with the opportunity to develop their sport management skills, with particular focus on football. The first seminar of the course organized in cooperation with UEFA and the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration of the University of Lausanne took place from 6 to 7 July in Bucharest. Two more sessions will follow in October 2017 and March 2018. The participants, coming from Romanian clubs and regional football associations, the Romanian Football Federation and other national associations, and also former football players, will also attend eight online modules.

The UEFA Certificate in Football Management (CFM), an educational initiative funded under the UEFA HatTrick Program, is intended for those involved in football in Europe who wish to develop or expand their theoretical and practical knowledge in football management. The main topics addressed by the course are: The Organization of Football, Strategic and Performance Management, Operational Management, Football Marketing and Sponsorship, Communication and Public Relations, Event and Volunteer Management. On the completion of this course in March 2018, participants will receive a Certificate of Higher Education.

The participants in the 2017/2018 UEFA CFM held in Romania are: Adrian Ambrosie (President, CSM Politehnica Iași), Cătălin Anton (President, AFC Botoșani), Ciprian Anton (President, Suceava Regional Football Association), Antonio Bădescu (President, Juventus Timișoara), Radu Bitea (President, Bihor Regional Football Association), Bianca Cauc (Brand Manager, the Romanian Football Federation), Alexandru Cândea (Ticketing Manager, the Romanian Football Federation), Natalia Ceban (Federal Inspector, the Moldovan Football Federation), Marius Cociu (Sporting Manager, ASU Politehnica Timișoara), Radu Constanțea (President, FC Universitatea Cluj), Marius Cosoreanu (General Manager, Oțelul Galați), Dorinel Dincă (President, Călărași Regional Football Association), František Ferenc (Secretary of the Competitions Department of the Slovak Football Association), Irina Mihuțescu (Grassroots Coordinator and Team Manager, the Romanian Football Federation), Vlad Munteanu (Operational Manager, the Romanian Football Federation), Falemi-Nana Ngassam, Cătălina Necula (Purchasing Manager, the Romanian Football Federation), Iulia Niculae (Marketing Manager, the Romanian Football Federation), Ciprian Paraschiv (Football Development Manager, the Romanian Football Federation), Diana Pirciu (Social Responsibility Manager, the Romanian Football Federation), Cătălin Popescu (PR and Communication Specialist, the Romanian Football Federation), Dorin Prisăcaru (Legal Counsel, the Moldovan Football Federation), Helena Puškar (Match Manager, the Croatian Football Federation), Victor Radu (Team Manager, the Romanian Football Federation), Lucian Sănmărtean, George Ștucan (Digital Coordinator, the Romanian Football Federation), Daniel Surdu (Secretary General, Caraș-Severin Regional Football Association), Zoltan Szondi (President, AFK Csikszereda), Michal Vengloš (Team Manager, the Slovak Football Association).

"CFM" is part of the educational programs organized by the Romanian Football Federation in Romania whose purpose is to train and educate football managers in accordance with the European standards. This is also one of the objectives of the 2015/2020 Strategic Plan for the Development of Football in Romania.