Romania’s blind football national team took part on Saturday, March 11, in the first stage of the European Blind Football League, played in Buzău. Romania played against the England U23 national team (0-1) and the Charleroi club (0-0).

Those were the first matches played by the Romanian side this year, but also the inaugural matches on the ground specially built in Buzău for blind football competitions. England U23, Borussia Dortmund, AS Roma, Charleroi and San Remo also participated in the tournament. Romania was accepted in the tournament because our country does not currently have a domestic blind football competition.

Match results

Romania – England U23 0-1
Charleroi – Borussia Dortmund 1-0
AS Roma – San Remo 0-5
Romania – Charleroi 0-0
England U23 – AS Roma 4-0
San Remo – Borussia Dortmund 1-3

At the end of this week, the Romanian national team will play a friendly match against Belgium, in Paris.

The Buzău competition, one of the actions of the #TotalAccess week

The matches in Buzău also marked #TotalAccess week, a CAFE (Centre for Access to Football in Europe) initiative in partnership with UEFA, that encourages the participation of people with disabilities in football matches. Under the slogan #Total Access, the integration activities of people with special needs in the world of football are promoted.

Such actions are also part of the FRF’s Sustainability Strategy 2022-2030, which aims to monitor and ensure that the football environment and the infrastructure that serves the phenomenon are accessible to anyone who wants to participate, as a practitioner or supporter, regardless of personal abilities.