The match from group C will be played on Sunday, June 13, 2021, at 19:00, on the National Arena in Bucharest.

  • Download the Mobile Tickets App (iOS / Android) and check your ticket.
  • If you are vaccinated, passed COVID-19 or tested negative 72 hours before the match, go to accredited medical centers and get your access bracelet (see procedure). You can get the bracelet starting Saturday, June 12, at 8:00, from one of the indicated medical centers. The verification procedure will cost you 5 lei.
  • If you have no evidence of immunization against COVID-19, go quickly to one of the accredited medical centers. You can test yourself starting Saturday, June 12, from 16:00 until the match time. Keep in mind, however, that you must be present at the stadium some time before the match – this information is attached to the ticket. The testing procedure will cost you 40 lei. If you are tested negative, you will receive the access bracelet. If you test positive, you can no longer go to the match, you do not receive the bracelet, but you can transfer the ticket through the application to a friend, who must obtain the bracelet.
  • Come to the stadium with the 3 necessary items: ticket, bracelet and ID. Otherwise, you will not be able to enter.
  • Observe the stadium access time indicated on the ticket. You will thus avoid congestion at the entrance and on the means of transport.
  • Do not come with luggage larger than an A4 sheet. You will also not be allowed to enter with umbrellas, food or drink. Video cameras and professional cameras are not allowed inside the stadium.
  • Since you passed the stadium gate, wearing a mask is mandatory until you leave after the end of the match. Bring spare masks in case the first one gets damaged. Only surgical or FFP masks are accepted, not those made of other textiles.
  • Inside the stadium you will be able to buy water, juices and sandwiches. The food can be consumed only in the places arranged near the points of sale. You will only be able to enter the stands with drinks. The moments when you eat or drink are the only ones when you are not wearing a mask. Otherwise, the mask is mandatory and must cover the mouth and nose. Alcohol is not allowed in the stadium.
  • Disinfect your hands whenever you have the opportunity. In the stadium you will find dispensers with disinfectant – use them! You do it for your own protection.
  • Keep your seat on the ticket. We have designed a ticket distribution system to ensure the distance that protects you from the risk of getting COVID-19. Do not compromise this safety measure, it is for your health.
  • At the end of the match, don’t crowd. Sufficient outflows are provided so that no congestion occurs. Volunteers are there to guide you to the exit. If you have complied with all the epidemiological measures since you came to the stadium, do not cancel them at the end by crowding the gates.
  • You will meet volunteers throughout the stadium, from the moment you enter until you leave. They are there to help you, to guide you. Volunteers do this for your convenience, they are not paid for their work. We thank them, thank them too!
  • Enjoy EURO 2020! You are one of the few who had the chance to participate in this special event during a pandemic. A day to remember!


UEFA EURO 2020 Local Organization Structure Bucharest