The tournament logo and that of the hosting city of Bucharest were launched at the National Arena.

The visual identity of the Euro 2020 tournament and the logo of the hosting city of Bucharest have been unveiled today during an event organized at the National Arena, attended by UEFA, Romanian government, Bucharest municipality and Romanian Football Federation (FRF) representatives.

The UEFA 2020 European Football Championship shall mark the anniversary of 60 years since this competition was initiated and, in order to celebrate such a historical edition, it has adopted a unique and novel format. Thus, Romania, together with other 12 countries, will be a co-organizer of the 2020 European Championship and it will be hosting 4 matches in Bucharest – three at group stage and one in the round of 16.

UEFA was represented during the ceremony organized in Bucharest by Davor Suker, UEFA official, who explained the way in which Euro 2020 was designed, as an itinerant tournament dedicated to the entire Europe, focused on the features of connectivity and unity. In 2020, football will be acting as a binding element among nations, a social link that would thus bring the competition even closer to the supporters.

“With 13 cities hosting these matches, we will be providing the supporters with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the EURO experience directly in their home towns. This is also true for Bucharest, a vibrant city, rich in traditions and history, with a fascinating mix of new and old. Four years from now we will be witnessing an unforgettable show of the best football that the European national teams are able to provide”, stated Mr. Davor Suker.

Mr. Răzvan Burleanu, the President of the Romanian Football Federation added: “For Bucharest and for Romania, the EURO 2020 project has a value which is almost impossible to measure according to its real dimensions. Because we are not only talking about a tournament, about specific matches, about organized events, but also about medium and long term reactions and implications. We are constantly working for a sports organizational success, if we refer to the four matches that we shall be hosting. After the football competition ends, all the infrastructure works done will serve the sustainable development of our society, the success of the event will contribute to increasing the attractiveness of Bucharest and Romania, and our children will rediscover easier how important it is to grow through sports and sports values.”

The development strategy as well as the FRF projects for Euro 2020 has already started and they entail the construction of four training facilities, 400 football fields, building highways, airport terminals, transport links between the city and the airport, as well as urban development of Bucharest city. During the next year, 3 million EUR shall be directed towards the football pitches and the four stadiums, Giulești, Dinamo, Ghencea and the Arch of Triumph, will be rebuilt.

In her own turn, the Mayor of Bucharest City, Mrs. Gabriela Firea, added: “I can assure you that the projects that the Municipality committed itself to shall be finalized. I am referring here to infrastructure modernization works which fall in the scope of responsibility of the Bucharest Mayor’s Office – street refurbishments, modernization of boulevards with tramway lines in the area neighbouring the National Arena, construction of parking lots. These are large scale projects, which are paramount for the proper organization of these matches, that the citizens of Bucharest will continue benefiting from afterwards, as well. And some specific steps have been taken for each of these projects, as I have promised. The capital city of Romania will be ready! I am proud that Bucharest is among the cities participating to this great celebration of football, the 2020 European Championship”.

“In partnership with the Romanian Football Federation and in compliance with UEFA standards, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration through our company will be building four arenas amounting to over 70,000 seats for all sports fans: 8,000 seats on the Arch of Triumph stadium, 18,400 seats on Giuleşti stadium, 20,000 seats on Dinamo stadium and 30,000 seats on Steaua stadium. The funding is provided by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration and we estimate costs around 1,500 EUR for each seat of these stadiums. The Romanian Government has already stated that Euro 2020 is deemed a project of national interest”, pointed out Mrs. Manuela Irina Pătrășcoiu, General Manager of Compania Națională de Investiții (National Investment Company).

During the same day, once the logo of the hosting city of Bucharest was launched, the members of the public had the possibility to admire the Euro 2020 totem, which represents a 3D structure having as central element the stylized Henri Delaunay Cup, surrounded by the figures of supporters everywhere celebrating the joy of football. The connection element is represented by famous bridges linking the host cities. The Basarab Bridge was the symbol chosen for Bucharest.

Starting from today, Bucharest joins the host cities of London, Rome and Baku which have already celebrated the launch of the tournament logo. Similar events are to be organized in the other 9 cities: Amsterdam, Bilbao, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, Munich and St. Petersburg.

Media partner: Romanian Television.