Head coach Christoph Daum, accompanied by assistant coach Ionut Badea attended on Wednesday, October 26, the meeting of the German Business Club to present to the German-speaking entrepreneurs and the Saxon community in Brasov his plans for the national football team.

The debates, which extended beyond the scheduled time, focused on high performance in football and the commitment it requires from coaches, players and the technical staff of a team. In their turn, the businessmen in Brasov detailed to Mr. Daum their projects to develop football by encouraging their employees to practice sports for health. The meeting was moderated by Cristian Macedonschi, grandson of poet Alexandru Macedonski and an active member of the Saxon community in Brasov, where he returned from Germany as an entrepreneur in the 2000s.

Following the meeting with representatives of the German Business Club in Brasov, the initiative of implementing a dual training program for football players was re-launched, with Kronstadt German Vocational School in Brasov as a model of excellence in combining the theoretical training of students with a substantial practical experience in enterprises.

As a sign of gratitude, the representatives of the Saxon community invited the coach to take a historical tour of the city, which included visits to the Black Church and to Honterus High School. On his way back to Bucharest, Christoph Daum also visited the Peles Castle in Sinaia.

The national team coach's meeting with the members of the Saxon community in Brasov and his visits to historical places in Romania is part of FRF's actions meant to promote football as a relevant social phenomenon and responds to the invitation of the German Business Club in Brasov to a German national to share his experiences as manager of Romania's football team. The German Business Club in Brasov has around 800 members - German, Austrian, Swiss and Romanian businessmen - and is the largest local business community.