Razvan Burleanu, President of the Romanian Football Federation, was invited to share some of his experiences since the start of his mandate for the Sport and Citizenship journal.

Talking about sport and diplomacy, Razvan Burleanu said 'together with my new management team, around our values and principles, we developed a vision. And this vision transformed itself into Strategic Plan for the Development of Football in Romania 2015-2020, the first document ever of this kind in the history of Romanian sports, based on the above-mentioned document and also a reflection of the ideas derived from the consultation with the affiliated members, the civil society and the business environment'.

'The Stretegic Plan has benn developed for a period of 5 years, from 2015 to 2020. We chose a long-term approach because a very important topic is at stake for Romania: relaunching football as a national sport and turning the organization of EURO 2020 in Bucharest into more than just a sports show' added the Presdent of the Romanian Football Federation.

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