On Tuesday, the 7th of June, from 11 AM, the Romanian Media Center (175 rue de Paris, 60520 La Chapelle-en-Serval) will host press activities.

Dumitru Moraru, the coach of the Romanian goalkeepers, form keeper with 39 matches played for Romania and a member of the Euro 1984 squd, and Ion Vladoiu, former international player (28 games, 2 goals), a member of the World Cup '94 and Euro '96 squad, will meet the journalists.

Only Romanian broadcasters or Euro 2016 will be given exclusive interviews.

On Thursday, the 9th of June, the day before the opening match, the Romanian national team will train on Stade de France at 4:30 PM. The training session is opened for the press in the first 15 minutes. Earlier, at 3:45 PM, the press conference of Mr. Anghel Iordanescu and two of his players is scheduled to start.

France national team, on 9th of June | 5:45 - press conference; 6:30 - official training session (opened first 15 minutes)

As a general rule, priority for access in the Media Center will be given to media institutions accredited for Euro 2016 and media institutions from countries represented in Group A.

For media institutions that are not accredited for Euro 2016 access will be permitted only for a reporter and a cameraman (TV), a reporter and a photoreporter (written press/online).

Access is permitted only with an identity card/passport and press ID.