A novelty during the training of the Romanian national team in Italy, for FRF TV: we asked Gabriel Torje 10 questions. But we weren’t the ones who wrote the questions, but his colleagues in the national team and the members of the technical staff.

This resulted in an interview showing us the curiosities of our national football players and where Romania’s midfielder had to guess at the end the name of the person who asked the question.

“Gabi, how did you celebrate the qualification to the European Championship, after you said good-bye to us, when you came back from the Faroe Islands?”
“I didn’t celebrate much, I stayed with my family. I think this question comes from Costel Pantilimon.”

“No, from Alexandru Maxim. We’ll go to the next question: what did you do to overcome the emotion of your first match for the national team against a world class team? And who do you think asked you this question?”
“I don’t think I was nervous, it felt good, joy, the best thing was that I had the chance to play for the national team against one of the best teams in the world. Razvan Rat?”

“Steliano Filip, but we move on. How a person so optimistic outside the field can’t find the joy of playing also during the match? What does Gabi Torje need in order to put to good use his extraordinary qualities?”
“Hmm, trust and a very good start of the final tournament. I didn’t guess any names until now, but now we are certainly talking about Ionut Badea!”

“Correct, you are right! Next question: who is the best coach you have ever worked with and why?”
“I have worked with several coaches and they are all good, so I can’t nominate just one. Cosmin Moti?”

“Costel Pantilimon! Describe in three words your first year at Dinamo!”
“Childhood, enthusiasm and agony! Dragos Grigore, right?”

“No, Cosmin Moti! What is your personal goal to attain by the end of 2016?”
“First of all to get to the European Championship, to be there with the team, to play and to pass the group stage, at least. To have the best possible final tournament! And then to find a team where I can go for good. Daniel Isaila!”

“Correct, you guessed the second assistant coach, too. Next: what do you think you need in order to succeed in the Italian football?”
“I don’t think I need something in particular, probably more opportunities from a coach and management from there. Viorel Moldovan?”

“Indeed, you guessed the authors of all questions asked by the members of the technical staff! We still have a short way to go! An interesting question: when do you plan on marrying?”
“Pfff! (laughs) I don’t know, I haven’t thought of this. For the moment I’m thinking of what I have to do for the national team. Adrian Ropotan?”

“It was Dragos Grigore. Do you plan to play only as a loan or are you thinking of staying to play for Udinese?”
“This is something I will solve after the final tournament, now I am focused on the national team. Razvan Rat?”

“Adrian Ropotan. And the last question: what was the most difficult moment in your career and was there ever a situation that made you want to give up football?”
“Never! I never wanted to quit and I will not want to quit as long as I can run and dedicate myself to this sport! Razvan Rat, for sure!”

“Correct! Thank you, Gabi!”