In an interview given to FRF TV just a few days before turning 35, the captain of the national team discloses the road at the Euro Cup that would satisfy him.

- First of all, Razvan, how is your mental and physical shape, after the surgery you had?
- Fine, very well physically. I’ve been training for a long while now at normal capacity. In terms of my mental shape, even though many may not believe that I am well, because the team was relegated, I believe I can set this aside. Now I’m focused only on what is going on with the national team.

- You will turn 35 on May 26, you are the captain of the national team and you have won the National Championship, the National Cup and Super Cup in Romania and Ukraine, and the UEFA Cup. What was and is the secret of these years of football, almost always at the top and with constant performances?
- I believe the only word is professionalism. I tried to do my job the best way possible, to be as professional as I can be. In the end, this is the secret.

- What best friends did football give you, teammates or coaches?
- There have been many players that I’ve got attached to along the way. I wouldn’t like to give any names, there are many and I wouldn’t like to forget anybody.

- As a mature player, what do you think that we actually need to pass the group round in Euro 2016?
- What we have been doing until now, what we did in the qualifying rounds. To be a united team that can, however, make surprises at the Euro Cup.

- As a captain, what is your message to your teammates? What would you or will you tell them, either together or separately?
- Just that the Euro Cup is not the same as the qualifying rounds, anything can happen! We can do important things in the Euro Cup and we shouldn’t be afraid of anything.

- Who are the young players now in the national team that have impressed you the most, either during the trainings or during the matches?
- There are young players in the national team which are in good shape. They have shown this also in the last matches. I don’t want to name anybody. I believe that all young players of the national team deserve to be here and it’s very important for them to be consistent and to come back here for every match.

- You had remarkable defenders and goalkeepers in your team, in the club as well as in the national team, but also as opponents. In your opinion, what are the secrets of the current defence of Romania that had great results in the qualifying round?
- I think it’s not just about the defence, all players are involved in the team. Not just the four in the back plus the two players or the one player in front of them. All of them participate to the defence and this is very important. Because, right now, in the football played at the top level, it is noticeable if not all players are involved in defence.

- What way for Romania to Euro 2016 that would satisfy yourself? Where should Romania stop to be able to honestly say: ”We are successful”?
- It’s hard to say, I just want to make important things and to stop there where all fans want, in the semi-finals or quarters of the final.

- This is the night after the match between Romania and France and we need the heading on the front page of the newspaper. What would be that heading?
- A great result!