UEFA, the Romanian Football Federation, the Government of Romania and the Municipality of Bucharest, on October 15, at 11:00 a.m., will launch Bucharest's EURO 2020 host city logo during an event that will take place at Arena Nationala Stadium.

Bucharest is one of the 13 cities to host the European competition. UEFA Euro 2020 will also mean the 60th anniversary of the competition and, on this historic edition of the tournament, Arena Nationala Stadium in Bucharest will host in June 2020 three matches in the group stage and one in the round of 16.

Upon the launch of Bucharest's host city logo, on October 15, from 12:00 to 08:00 p.m., an Euro 2020 totem will be displayed in front of Arena Nationala Stadium, consisting of a 3D structure having a stylized image of the Henri Delaunay Trophy in the middle, surrounded by figures of football fans from all over the world celebrating the joy of football. The connecting elements are famous bridges that connect the host cities. The Basarab Bridge was chosen to represent Bucharest.

"We invite all football fans on Saturday for a photo session with the totem displayed in front of Arena Nationala Stadium, to catch on camera the first moment of what Euro 2020 will be. It's an anniversary edition of a competition that aims to bring football closer to its fans and to connect them to the most popular sport. We also created for the fans of Romania's national team a contest with prizes dedicated to this event, which can be accessed from the Facebook page of the National Team," said Florin Sari, Project Manager with FRF.

UEFA Euro 2020 aims to bring football closer to the fans in Europe and worldwide, as well as to offer unforgettable moments in the top competition of the national teams in Europe.

The media partners of the event are the Romanian Television and Radio Romania.