The new coach of the Romanian National Football team held today his first press conference after signing the contract. The meeting with the journalists took place at the conference hall of the National Arena.

"We want to qualify for the World Cup! I have this concept: We will always be on attack, both when we are in possession and when the opponents have the ball. We need to control the game, to control the ball, to have the initiative. If we lose the ball, we need to get it back quickly. Each player has to be in the game, not just in the field. For this, I need players who are strong, both physically and mentally. We need to care more about each other, especially in difficult times”, said Christoph Daum.

"I will dedicate each and every day to the success of Romanian football and I will ask each player and collaborator to do the same. Each Romanian rightfully expects us to do everything for the victory, for the prestige of Romania”, he added.

"During the last two years, I have worked steadily, maybe more than I used to do when I was a coach. I took part in many workshops organized by the German Federation, I taught and trained coaches. In two weeks, I will deliver a lecture in front of one thousand coaches. By teaching others, you improve yourself!”, the coach said.

"I thank my predecessor, Mr. Iordanescu, one of the great Romanian coaches, for all his work with the national team."

Christoph Daum

"We have managed to get the coach that we wanted. He was our main target right from the start. I am happy to have Mr. Daum with us today - a coach who won trophies, a coach experienced in the European competitions. I wish him good luck!”, said Răzvan Burleanu, the President of the Romanian Football Federation.