The proposal of the Management of the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) for the position of head coach of the Romanian National Football Team was approved by the Executive Committee on July 7, 2016. Christoph Daum, 62, is the new coach of the National Football Team!

Champion in Germany, Austria and three times in Turkey, Christoph Daum, 62, was nominated by the Management of FRF as manager of the National Football Team. The German has coached major teams, including FC Köln, Stuttgart, Bayer Leverkusen, Beșiktaș, Fenerbahce, Austria Vienna and Club Bruges, and players like Michael Ballack, Jurgen Kohler, Roberto Carlos, Nicolas Anelka, Thomas Hassler, Matthias Sammer or Bodo Ilgner.

With almost 400 marches as coach in Bundesliga, Christoph Daum won the title in Germany with Stuttgart and was six times on the podium, with Bayern Leverkusen and with FC Köln, a team that he successfully promoted to the first German league. He also has the experience of dozens of matches in the European competitions, as he made it to the semifinals of UEFA Cup with FC Köln and led Leverkusen and Fenerbahce to the Champions League.

The proposal of the Management of FRF has already been saluted by prominent German and international football personalities. German National Team's coach, Joachim Low, current World Champion, whose team is to play today the semifinal of Euro 2016, reacted:

"Christoph Daum is a coach who can give an incredible energy to his team and to each individual player. We have a special relationship, as we often worked with the same teams like, for instance, VfB Stuttgart or Austria Vienna. I took advantage of his experience in Turkey and in Istanbul, especially in the beginning of my career with Fenerbahce. For me, as a young coach, at that time, he was a thoughtful adviser and his suggestions and recommendations were extremely useful to me. I was very happy to hear that he could become Romania's coach. It is a good decision for Christoph Daum and a good decision for the Romanian football."

Two times winner of the Champions League and seven times champion of Germany with Borussia Dortmund and Bayern München, the reputed coach Ottmar Hitzfeld also welcomes the nomination of Christoph Daum:
"Christoph Daum is a diligent coach, with a vast experience and innovative ideas. He has great professional abilities and remarkable communication skills. He will improve the Romanian national team and lead it to success in the future."

Former great striker and coach of Germany, Jürgen Klinsmann, currently the manager of USA's national football team, commented:

"I am happy to hear that Romania's new coach could be Christoph Daum, a remarkable manager with a huge amount of knowledge and experience. He is a coach that I've always admired and followed. Innovative and always interested in the new evolutions in football, he managed major teams in Germany, Belgium, Turkey and Austria and his career says it all about his knowledge. Christoph is always open to new challenges. The way he sees the game, his tactical intelligence, the way he guides and train the players, are all outstanding. I wish him and the Romanian Football Federation good luck and I hope that Romania will qualify for the World Cup in 2018!"

Jürgen Klinsmann

The Romanian Football Federation thanks to Anghel Iordănescu for his entire activity as coach of the Romanian National Football Team!